Tuesday, March 7, 2017

National Hotcake Day is March 7, IHOP to offer free short stacks for philanthropy

On Tuesday, March 7, IHOP is observing National Hotcake Day by offering visitors a free short heap of the well known breakfast brands unique buttermilk flapjacks. ~by Consulta di Bioetica

While the flapjacks are free, IHOP requests that clients utilize the cash they didn't spend by making a gift to their beneficent accomplices including the Youngsters' Supernatural occurrence Arrange Healing centers, Shriner's Doctor's facility for Kids and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Each free short stack served goes towards the current year's objective to bring up $3.5 million for youngsters doing combating diseases. ~by News for You

This advancement is accessible to clients eating in at taking an interest IHOP eateries across the country from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Download Gaga’s Catchy “Applause” MP3

Applause happens to be one of Gaga’s songs which get high popularity. Applause is one of the singles listed in Gaga’s third studio album. This song was also introduced as the lead single of that album which was released in 2013 by the Interscope Records. Like most of Gaga’s songs, Applause was also written and produced by herself collaborated with DJ White Shadow, Dino Zisis, Nick Monson, and some other additional songwriters. This song was created with the inspirations of cheering from fans. The fans gave her strength and motivation during one of the tour prior to cancellation due to her hip injury.

Applause is considered as electropop and Eurodance which made using synthesizers and hi-NRG beats so that the song is pretty fun and catchy to listen. Its lyric show how she really depends on her fans as well as her efforts to give the best quality for fans through her performance. Many people think that this song is more pleasant to listen compared with the songs in Gaga’s debut album. Lady gaga applause, lady gaga applause mp3 download can be great option for you if you want to enjoy this Gaga cheerful song which is a little bit different from others.

Gaga Beginning Success through The Fame Kingdom

The Fame Kingdom perhaps becomes Gaga’s album which cannot be forgotten by all Gaga’s fans. This album is known to be the beginning step of Gaga to achieve her success these days in music industry. The Fame Kingdom itself is Gaga’s debut studio album which was released by Interscope Records in 2009. Gaga, herself described that this album likes a yin and yang. Since this debut album is pretty popular Gaga even released the super deluxe edition of The Fame Kingdom complete with special merchandise which is none other than Lady Gaga’s lock of wig. 

Lady Gaga albums, Lady Gaga the Fame Kingdom is actually pop album which get influence from disco, glam rock, and synthpop which was quite popular in 1970s and 1980s. Besides brings the pop genre, this album also get inspiration from a little bit of industrial and gothic music. The main inspiration of this album is actually the fashion shows and runaways. Gaga described the album represent the darker side of fame and it is show as monster metaphor through the songs’ lyrics. Bad Romance became the leading single of this album and has received huge commercial success and climbed into top positions of music charts in over than twenty countries across the globe.

Story behind Lady Gaga’s “A Million Reasons”

Another song which is also quite popular in Gaga fifth studio album is actually A Million Reasons. This song was released as her promotional single in 2016. A Million Reasons happens to be one of the songs found in the playlist of album called “Joanne”. Like other Gaga’s song, the lyric of A Million Reasons was written by Lady Gaga and her music partners which also contributed in some of Gaga’s songs, Hillary Lindsey and Mark Ronson. Different with most of Gaga’s songs which come in upbeat music, this song was released as a country-pop track so that it becomes favourite among pop music lovers.

Lady Gaga A Million Reasons, A Millions Reasons Lady Gaga Lyrics actually tell about heartbreak and hope that someone has during a relationship. The lyrics tell how someone have a million reasons to end the relationship but in the same time, she also have a million reasons to keep the relationship so that both parties can get better. The lyrics of this song is nice and quite easy to remember since the phrase “a million reason” which becomes the icon of the song repeated many times whether it is in the verse, bridge, and the most importantly in the chorus.

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